By taxi in Florence

By taxi in Florence

Taxi drivers in Florence are associated in two companies:

-CO.TA.FI Tel +39 055 4390 - +39 055 4499

-SOCOTA Tel +39 055 4798 - +39 055 4242

Florence taxis are white and can be contacted by phone or via App; they are also available at special cab ranks located in various city squares (Stazione, Duomo, Santa Croce, Repubblica, Santa Maria Novella). Fares include extra charges based on time of day (night/weekend), route (if out of town), luggage (€ 1.10 a piece) and number of people on board (over three). The taximeter, located inside the vehicle, indicates the fare to be paid. On many vehicles it is possible to pay by credit card.

- The connection between the Vespucci airport and the hotels in the city centre (Unesco area) has a standard fare of € 28.00 (€ 30 holidays, € 32 at night).
- The connection between Santa Maria Novella railway station and Campo di Marte or Rifredi railway station has a standard fare of € 11.00 ( holidays € 13.20, night € 14.60).

Discounts are available to and from the Careggi/Meyer hospital area (10%), as well as for people with motor and visual disabilities (15%). Taxi Rosa consists of a 10% discount for women during night hours (h. 21.00-04.00).



Photo credits: Comune di Firenze