By car in Florence - ZTL

By car in Florence - ZTL


Those who reach Florence by car must be informed about private traffic rules in the city centre. The historic center is not suitable for cars. In some part of it pedestrian areas or bus lanes are absolutely forbidden to traffic.

ZTL (Low emission zone) covers large parts of the historical centre and lots of  tourist attractions, traffic-light controlled by telematic gates. The system -detecting  the plate number of all the vehicles in transit- shows if the access is allowed (green) or forbidden (red).

ZTL schedule: Monday to Friday: 7:30-20:00; Saturday 7:30-16:00. ZTL is off on Sundays and holidays. In addition to the above mentioned schedule, from the 1st Thursday of April to the 1st Sunday of October, the summer night-time ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone) is also in effect, with an extension from 11:00 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to 3:00 AM the following day (see the ZTL attachment for all the details, including schedules and specific areas).

If you need to reach a hotel/garage by car within the ZTL don't forget to provide your vehicle's information to the hotel's reception or to the garage upon arrival. They will then transmit this information to the Municipal Police. We advise to preventively contact the hotel/garage  for any elucidation, including the shortest route to take, both when entering and leaving the ZTL. In case you need to access the restricted area just to drop off your luggage and not park at the hotel or at a garage, you will be allowed to linger for a maximum of 3 hours, before leaving.  


Inside the ZTL area you cannot park for free, it is possible only in allowed spaces (hotel parking areas or private garages). Parking facilities located outside the ZTL have lower rates compared to those inside the ZTL. Among these, there is the "Parterre" parking area (located near Piazza Libertà, at the edge of the ZTL), which is well-connected to the historic city center via the shuttle bus line C1. In more peripheral areas, there are various Park and Ride (called Parcheggi Scambiatori) facilities, all of which are connected to the historic city center. Villa Costanza (in Scandicci),  Ponte a Greve (free of charge, between Coop shopping centre - tram stop "Nenni Torregalli"), Via Sansovino, and Viale Guidoni are served by the Tramvia, while the Via del Gelsomino parking area is connected to bus number 11.

The overall parking system is managed by Firenze Parcheggi , and other companies such as Scaf, Metropark, Aeroporto


Three and four-wheeled vehicles with exclusively electric traction (not hybrids) registered for transporting people are allowed to circulate and park in all ZTL areas, but they must obtain prior authorization. The request of free registration for the period of your stay can be made by internet at the following address:  The authorization shall be prominently displayed on the vehicle's dashboard. Here is the map of the electric car charging stations. You can also charge your electric car in the following parkings: Beccaria and Sant'Ambrogio.


If you receive a fine abroad, for violation of the traffic regulation, in order to have further information, you may send an e-mail to:, or call the following phone number: 0039 0763 616514 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 17.30


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Photo credits: Comune di Firenze