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Walking route

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Particolare Statua realizzata da Maurizio Becherini

The woods around Gambassi Terme guard some evocative treasures, such as the unusually…

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Particolare sorgente ipotermale I Bollori

Among the wonders provided by nature in the Gambassi Terme area, in…

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Fosso dell'Acquacheta Foto Archivio UC Mugello
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 Paesaggio Grande Firenze

Why only stay in Florence when there’s so much more to see all around? The…

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firenze ebraica

If you think you have already visited everything in the city and you are wandering a…

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villa vogel
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certosa del galluzzo
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santa maria a Peretola
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Convento di Quadalto Foto Archivio UC Mugello

Ti Prego (I pray you) is the name of an evocative route…

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Do you like practicing golf? Then, you are in the right place! High…

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Cammino Firenze

The fact that Florence is nestled in the Arno Valley and completely surrounded by…

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